Well, aren’t you in a bit of a pickle?

Neither here nor there. Don’t quite fit. Stuck in the middle. Wedged. Misfit. Torn. Clowns to the left & jokers to the right. Jam in the sandwich. Pulled in two directions.

In other words, you’re the ‘in-between’.

Ahem isn’t this awkward

The children of immigrants have it rough. Their parents moved away from the motherland for a better life abroad. Their childhood was filled with stories of how rosy life was ‘back home’ and constantly wondered: Isn?t home where we are right now?

Only it didn’t quite feel like home … because of that motherland their parents perpetually praised. Their questions were met with: You’ll never be accepted here, just like us.

And then they had children of their own, who fully accepted the country they were born in, and it accepted them (sort of).

The second generation paved that path. Pioneered that acceptance.

Did the legwork…

…and yet, their confusion still remains

If the motherland isn?t the option and where I was born doesn’t feel right, then where do I belong?

I?m a blend of both Eastern values and a Western upbringing and yet I don’t know who I am. Must I pick a side?

Loyalty to my family’s important to me but my ‘Western’ lifestyle feels far more liberating. How can I act without pissing everyone off?

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