I’ll love you when …

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I’ll love you when you listen to me.

When you do as I say.

When you see me for the authority that I am.

When you respect me.

Put your scarf on your head and keep it down. I’m not trying to control you. I just want to protect you.

Don’t you realise that I’m judged based on what you do?

Honour your family and behave yourself when you’re in public.

Don’t talk to boys.

Don’t ask questions or second guess what I tell you.

Maybe then you’ll be the perfect daughter.

It isn’t about going to school and getting an education. That’s not for you.

Once you marry the man I choose and have children, I’ll be proud of you.

Until then … you’re my responsibility. You’re under my roof. You follow my rules.

Cover your body and respect yourself.

Girls in short skirts get attacked.

I know the world better than you. And I want to protect you from it.

You’re not allowed to go to the cinema. To listen to music. To have what other people think is fun.

The outside world? It’ll ruin you.

So I’ll do what I can to keep you from it.

It’d be different if you were a boy.

They can protect themselves.

But you? You have me now, and later you’ll have a husband that I choose for you.

You need protection.

That’s what I’m here for.

To protect you. Guide you. Nurture you.

It isn’t control. It’s my duty.

Do you think I work all these hours for fun?

I do it for you.

So you can give me what I need.

I care for you now so that you’ll care for me later.

That’s how it works.

It’s why we have children.

And when the time comes, you’ll pay me back for what I gave to you.

So until it’s time to pay your dues, listen to what I say.

Don’t embarrass me in front of my friends.

Keep the house clean and learn to cook well.

And if you play all these cards right, I may be proud of you.

But I’ll never tell you this openly. It’ll only boost your ego.

We prefer modesty.

Shouting about your accomplishments is cheap. It means more when others do the shouting for you.

So do something worth shouting about.

Follow the path I set. I’ve already learned about life. So now I’m passing it all onto you.

So you don’t make any mistakes.

I want you to be perfect.

And maybe one day you will be.

Until then, you’re a disappointment.

Every time you put a foot wrong, you’re letting me down.

You’re letting your family down.

Carry that thought around with you. It must dictate your every action.

You represent our family.

Honour that.

Because everything I’m telling you? It comes down to this:

I don’t say this because I love you.

I say this because I hate myself.

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